Medium Arrangement [Monthly] - Meant for You

Medium Arrangement [Monthly] - Meant for You

70.00 every month

This medium-sized, charming & sweet arrangement is bursting with heart-warming, seasonal colors & a mix of luxury + classic blooms.

The richness of flowers & greenery will surprise you every time. Ready to live your life in full bloom?


*If you choose your arrangement to be delivered in a vase/container, there is no extra charge. However, we are committed to recycling the vases. If you choose the vase or container option for your blooms, we recycle them out. So, the day of your new bloom delivery, we will swamp out your old vase of flowers and exchange them with a new vase holding your next round of fresh blooms. Here’s to being eco-friendly & clutter free!

*All flowers included are based on season and availability.*

** This is a monthly arrangement.