Flower Subscription FAQ Sheet

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  • What is the Blooming Hites flower subscription service?

    We want to help our fellow flower lovers stay connected with spirited blooms & indulge in nature’s energizing power year round, so we created a flower subscription service that is hassle-free & the right spell to keep you away from flower FOMO [fear of missing out].

  • Who’s it for?

    Flower lovers [both in home & corporate environments] that live and/or work in or near Atlanta, GA who want to brighten up their home, office space, lobby or gift someone special in their life with flowers.

  • What kind of blooms can I expect in my flower subscription?

    The BEST of the BEST! Each arrangement is bursting with colorful combos of fresh, seasonal blooms (luxury + classic flowers) mixed among refreshing greenery styles.

  • What is the difference between a small, medium and large arrangement?

    Size & type of flowers are the main differences. The medium & large arrangements will be larger & include more expensive flowers (think peonies, dahlias, & more).



  • Can I cancel my subscription easily?

    Absolutely! You can view & manage your subscription from your Customer Account. Locate the “Sign-In” or “My Account” at the top of our website. Once you log in, to cancel the subscription, click Cancel Subscription. In the confirmation window, click Cancel Subscription.

  • How do I access my subscription information?

    When you check-out with your subscription, you are prompted to create a customer username & password. Once filled out, this will allow you to access your customer subscription information on our website. To locate your account information, go to the top of our website to find “sign-in” or “member account.” Once you click into either of those two (whether you are signed in already or not), this will lead you to your subscription information.

  • When will I be charged for my subscription?

    You have the option to choose a bi-weekly or monthly arrangement. If you choose the bi-weekly service, the card on file will be charged every two weeks from the start of the service. If you choose the monthly service, the card on file will be charged at the beginning of every month.

  • Can I buy a subscription with a gift card?

    No. Gift cards can't be applied to subscription products.

Delivery &


  • Can I skip a month or pause the subscription?

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to skip or pause a subscription in our database (YET), so customers have the option to either cancel their current subscription (you can always create a new one in the future), OR you can choose to send your floral arrangement to someone else. Just make sure to email us ahead of time to change the address of the new recipient.

  • Is delivery free?

    Delivery is free if your location is within 50 miles of Roswell, GA city limits. If you are 50 miles outside of Roswell, GA city limits, delivery fees will apply. We only offer local deliveries. We can not deliver to homes or corporate offices more than an hour away.

  • How often do we deliver?

    We can deliver to you either bi-monthly or monthly, you get to choose. We hand deliver arrangements from Tuesday to Thursday.

  • What do we deliver the arrangements in?

    You can select your arrangement to be either delivered wrapped or in a vase/container. If you choose vase/container, we do practice recycling. This way you won’t collect a huge amount of unnecessary vases/containers. On the day of your new bloom delivery, we will swamp out your old vase of flowers and exchange them with a new vase- holding your next round of fresh blooms.

  • Where are we able to deliver to?

    If you are within Roswell, GA city limits, delivery is free. If you are 50 miles outside of Roswell, GA city limits, delivery fees will apply.

    We only offer local deliveries. We can not deliver to homes or corporate offices more than an hour away.

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