Best Wedding Reception Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

There’s no party like a reception party. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in “Wedding Crashers” can attest to that. ;) Although you and your soon to be hubby are anxiously counting down the hours to your honeymoon (let’s be honest), your wedding guests and wedding party are counting down the days until your happily ever after party. Receptions are a big deal - Peering into a bride's Pinterest board will second that.


Nowadays, it would probably take months to flip through all various types of reception ideas via Pinterest, bridal magazines, and Instagram. Bride’s don’t have the time to digest, choose, and fall in love with them all which is why I enjoy helping them break through ALL the trendy clutter. The result? A unique backdrop that colors their love story.

I believe that every little detail in a bride and groom's reception has a unified purpose: to consume the newlyweds and guest’s hearts with an everlasting imprint that will bloom into sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Nostalgia, you're the best.


Not sure which nostalgic tokens you want to sprinkle throughout your upcoming wedding? Keep reading...

You can applaud upgraded photo booth's, window writing, copper tones and more for being the best wedding reception decor go-tos that will stand the test of time. Scroll below to find my round-up of reception rentals and decor favorites for the win:



Cue all the copper! This tone loves without boundaries and plays well with almost every wedding theme.

Geometric Shapes


Hunting for statement pieces to fill your wide-open modern space? No problem, edgy angles have you covered.

Window Writing

Add this abstract decoration to evoke a whimsical feel within your ceremony or reception. This is an optical illusion piece so place it in small areas for a more spacious feel.

Photo Booths


If you want guests reminiscing about how cool and one-of-a-kind your Photo Booth was, then Robot Booth in your answer. Aesthetic, quality, custom props, and instant social upload options are just a few of its many neat and nifty features. Consider this photo booth a must-have for your wedding. ;)

China Plates


Style your reception tables with old world romantics by including vintage china plates. Prissy Plate Company has chic collections that will make your heart skip. They make romancing with china plates a thing. :)

Now that you have a few reception ideas under your belt, always keep in mind to speak up for what you want. Never hesitate to ask your wedding planner, florist, or designer if that photo booth or geometric design is budget friendly. Chances are, they actually are, but you would never know if you didn’t seek it out. And if by chance it isn’t, hunting for alternatives can reveal new treasures.

Keep Blooming,

Jackie Hites