Wedding Bouquets That Have Stolen My Heart

Summer calls for vacations; and road trips call for good company. This past weekend all of this was in order for me as I headed out to Savannah. My good company: iPhone camera roll filled with florals and client weddings.

I had been notified to do that pesky iPhone chore of backing up and deleting photos to clear space. It was as if Apple knew I was going on a road trip. Normally, I ignore this message until the last possible moment (I know I’m not alone), but, this round, I had the time to kill. And, no, my dog Maverick and I were not driving. We had a patient driver who listened to me while all the oohs and ahhs streamed out of my mouth during my memory lane journey.

As the scrolling started, I began to realize my past client bridal bouquet photos were a major reason for limited space. Can you blame the bouquet beauties? Absolutely not because I want to remember them f-o-r-e-v-e-r (for my full carry on about bouquets, go here).

To be honest, every bouquet I’ve designed for my lovely brides have stolen my heart. However… if you really want to pick my brain and dare me to boil down the top 5 bouquets (thus far) here’s what I would pick:

What type of bouquets pull at your heart strings? Chime in below.

Keep Blooming,

Jackie Hites