My Floral Footprints...Your Next Wedding Inspo: December 2016

You know those rare days where your one hundred to-do’s are checked off by the end of the day, and you still have enough time to do whatever your heart desires? Hi, that’s me over here, right now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

After prepping a batch of wedding flower arrangements for one of my last weddings of the season (very bittersweet), feeding Maverick his dinner (after much pining and soul stabbing gazes of food deprivation over the past hour) and accomplishing a Christmas gift wrapping sesh, I’m now settling down for my “free-time.


Even though the holiday season and the ending of a year brings about an extreme form of hustle and bustle, I will always find quiet time near my Christmas tree with my furry best friend cuddled near me and a nice glass of red wine in hand.

Ultimately tonight (at this very moment), that’s exactly what I’m doing. I want to share all the reflections and appreciations that are filling me with warmth tonight.  I mean 2017 is only a few weeks away, y’all! Everyone should take a pause to reflect and rest before the New Year overwhelms us. Case in point, here’s my pause of the evening: a recap of some fruitful events that have closed out Blooming Hite’s 2016 with the giddiest and most blessed smile.

Jacqueline Hites