Fresh Blooms Brought to You By BH's Bloom Bar

Let’s paint a picture of your most sought after Saturday morning. Does it look a bit like this?

  • 8:00A: Coffee cuddles
  • 9:00A: Walk/jog in the neighborhood or park
  • 10:00A: Grocery shopping (If you’ve had that extra cup of coffee)
  • 11:00A: Clean house
  • NOON: R&R

As you sit down (finally) and inhale you’re beautiful, crisp, clean house, there’s something missing and it’s bugging you…

You look. You Look.


The nagging object turns out to be the vase on your kitchen table. It’s empty or even worse contains dried up remnants from two weeks ago. It probably looks like a green swamp inside. Bummer.

Here’s where your friendly florist (me) would chime in and say, “Add a splash of this petal and that petal so you’re kitchen table will never look lonely.”


Luckily, my advice is now for easy taking thanks to our Bloom Bar at the new Blooming Hites Boutique.  

I would like to formally welcome you to the Bloom Bar experience - where we're solving empty vases and dried up petal problems one bundle at a time. ;)

Our walk-up floral station is designed to uplift you and your humble abode each week with fresh and unique blooms. Here’s how it works:

  • It’s DIY and super convenient. Pick and choose your specialty blooms that will fill your waiting vase at home.
  • Each Thursday, the blooms are re-stocked, labeled (you’ll be a flower guru in no time), and ready for you to pick out the perfect match for your home or someone special.
  • Not quite sure what flower combos work? No worries, our stylists will be on hand like Fairy-Godmother-Style to help arrange a bloom bundle whenever needed.
  • The Bloom Bar enjoys dancing to the beat of the motto “Be Unique.” So, we love to display exclusive flowers at any chance we have - ones you won’t find in ordinary grocery stores (not even Trader Joe's). 

Whether you’re on your way home from work (because who likes sitting in ATL traffic) or out gifting, pop in, mix-up a colorful bloom palate, let us package it with love, and pay forward the beauty of blooms to your nest or someone else.

Better yet, text your significant other our boutique address with a flower emoji, and he’ll get the hint. ;)

Happy Picking! You’ll find your friendly neighborhood Bloom Bar at:

26 Webb St. Suite 7
Roswell, GA 30075

Jacqueline Hites