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3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Event Designer

Photo by: Michelle Scott Photography

Wedding event designers, like the Blooming Hites team, vary from wedding planners/coordinators in that we plan and manage ONLY design-related aspects for a wedding which can be squeezed into two compartments…

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2019 Wedding Decor Trends: Hanging Florals, Greenery, Geo Shapes & More!

I’m always so happy to see how wedding couples choose to use wedding decor and floral trends to create customized details that fit their own love story. Wedding trends are shared experiences but help elevate a couple's personal experience that no other bride or groom will be able to match. How romantic is that?Here's 2018-2019 wedding decor and floral trends to look out for:

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Where is my money going when I hire a wedding florist & budget for wedding flowers?

I’m walking Y'all (from bullet point to bullet point) through our production timeline in the hope that this sneak peek creates insight into the detailed legwork, dedication, passion and time we wholeheartedly bring to the table for each couple.

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3 Common Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen Snow White, I still route for her not to eat the poisonous apple. I know. I know, the poisonous apple leads her to true love’s kiss, but I can’t help but wish for a non-salty path to her Happily Ever After. Who routes for stress anyways?

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