Blooming Hites Boutique...Is Open!

Whew. Last month, one of my little girl dreams shook hands with my adult self and rooted its welcome into my life. What might that dream be? Owning and working out of my own floral and design studio.


Talk about a nerve racking, exciting, and joyful ride rolled into one huge roller coaster. The extreme studio makeover, VIP sneak peek, and Grand Opening were moments in time that I’ll never forget.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t sneak in a Beauty and the Beast showing in between my studio renovations, because I did. I even went as far as singing “Be my guest. Be my guest.” throughout the whole design process.

Really though, the remake premiere was perfect timing - thank you Disney.  Okay, okay. Enough of Disney - I’ll get back on track. I’m happy to announce that... Blooming Hites has a brand new spanking home in the heart of downtown Roswell. Words can’t describe how ecstatic I am to share it all with you.

How did this dream blossom into reality? Here’s a brief timeline:

Studio Search
December 2016

With a pinch of determination and a little bit of luck, my dreams took motion at the beginning of December. When I say I went studio hunting, I went a’hunting. I needed to find the ideal place which truly spoke to my brand, creativity, and of course Maverick. After a long hunt, by the end of the month, I finally called Roswell home sweet home. 26 Webb St. Suite 7, Roswell, GA 30075 - to be exact. ;)

January 2017


Next came reno. What I loved most about this space was it’s historical charm. The building has history, and it was craving to be revived. Therefore, a BIG renovation took place. I’ll be honest, it was a bit frightening during the whole process. I didn’t want to lose it’s appeal while trying to modernize the space into my own vision.

I quickly learned that with renovating comes surprises that are WAY out of your control,  but luckily they make up for being funny stories to tell in the future. I felt like I was living a real life HGTV show. All and all it was both extremely exhausting yet really fulfilling.

Design & Prep
February 2017


By far the best part about fixing up a space is the design phase and being able to stamp your personality on it. I wanted to go with an open, industrial concept so that the Bloom Bar, decor, various floral colors and rentals would stand out when guests visited. I truly wanted the space to sing “Be my guest” when you walked in. My saving grace? Daddy daughter bonding time. Add in a Vegas trip for decor, a  one-of-a-kind container hunt that spanned from ATL to NV, and our design adventure was nothing short of entertaining. I’m beyond thankful for his help and so blessed I could share this dream with him.

The icing on the cake was absolutely furniture shopping. This beautiful beast took four attempts before it called our boutique home but good things come to those who wait. It’s now a warm and welcoming place my brides and I gather to plan their happily ever afters.

Grand Opening
March 2017


After two months of hard work, my boutique finally crossed the finish line and I’ve been over the moon excited ever since. And, what better way to show off a W-I-N than a Grand Opening? 


During BH’s victory celebration, over 100 people, including my family, friends, brides of past, present and future, attended the Grand Opening and discovered where BH’s magic would forever grow. It was a sunny weekend, Spring was in the air, the vendors were spectacular and bloom history was made. Thank you to everyone who came out! It truly meant the world to me.

We're Open!

Now, one of my favorite parts of the day is turning on the Bloom Bar sign...


Followed by inhaling the gorg greenery view behind my work station. All the little details sprinkled throughout the studio mean so much to me. Our Bloom Bar is a DIY flower station. It’s crafted so you can drop by, pick and choose fresh flowers, and bring them home to style in your favorite place or make thoughtful gifts.


You’ll find a collection of seriously cute home decor, gifts, wedding accessories and of course dog goodies (approved by Maverick) throughout the boutique.


Many, many Happily Ever After florals will be made with love here.

BH Grand Opening Vendors

BH Boutique Hours

Monday-Friday     11A-5P
Saturday                Noon-5P
Sunday                  Closed

*** Bridal consultations take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Keep Blooming,


Jacqueline Hites