UPDATE: What’s Next for Blooming Hites & Details About the Fire Damage

For the past week, every early morning, I have sat down with my coffee in hand & Macallan at my side staring at a blank screen…

I’ve been patiently waiting for words to magically appear on the computer to describe ALL the emotions I’ve felt & am still feeling during this tragic time in the Blooming Hites’ journey.

Before I dig into the heart of this message, I want to share with you all the updates & facts that we are aware of right now:

Important Fire & Boutique Details

  • If you haven’t already heard, on February 8, 2019, a store connected to our boutique in downtown Roswell, caught on fire.

  • The actual source of the fire is still unknown, but fortunately no one was injured & our building is still standing.

  • Our boutique withstood a TON of smoke damage & is in need of some serious TLC.

  • I am currently operating out of a temporary location while our boutique is undergoing renovations.

  • *** Keep in mind that Blooming Hites is still OPEN & going strong like our coffee. ***

The majority of my gratitude is first owed to the amazing Roswell Fire Department. These firefighters, & those all around the world, risk their lives everyday to save people & property from fire.

Roswell Fire Department’s quick response time saved our building, & I’m forever grateful. I have a whole new respect for firefighters & the rest of the service men & women who protect our community & country.

Also, last but CERTAINLY not least, I’m truly grateful for the unsung heroes like:

  1. Our entire Blooming Hites community (+ family and friends) who have sent so many uplifting messages, condolences & offered so much support. Y’all are truly amazing, & I don’t know what I would do without you.

  2. The Roswell Community

  3. & not to mention…...

  4. The nice insurance man who is counting EACH damaged product (it’s A LOT) in our boutique.

What We’ve Learned:

Change is inevitable but sometimes it can lead to something beautiful.

While we’ve been grieving our old boutique & dealing with the aftermath responsibilities, our Blooming Hites family, friends & the Roswell community reminded us of two symbols we hold very dear to our hearts & it has given us the strength we’ve needed to start reaching our goals.

First, is the Phoenix.

As most of you Harry Potter fans recall, the Phoenix is a bird originated from Greek mythology that symbolizes new life by rising from the ashes of its precursor.

And, like the Phoenix, it just so happens to be, that our logo is a fire poppy (our second favorite symbol). Fire poppy’s grow in places/habitats that have recently burned.

Before our fire tragedy, the fire poppy held a special place in my heart (It’s California’s state flower where I’m from & it’s the first flower that ever spoke to me), but now a fire poppy means so much more to me. It’s our Phoenix. Our rebirth.

The opportunity the boutique has to rise from the literal & metaphorical ashes we have encountered is a TRUE blessing. We are looking on the bright side of things & that means new shop, new style.

The Future of Blooming Hites:

We Keep Blooming thanks to YOU!

I cannot wait for all of our brides, customers, friends & Roswell family to see what the “rebirth” of Blooming Hites looks like.

I don’t have a final date for when the boutique will be reopened, but it will take a few months for the renovations to be completed.

I’m crossing my fingers for sometime in April.

Until then, I will keep you posted, & I’m more than happy to meet you at a different location in the meantime!

Just as the Phoenix reminds us to keep rising from the ashes of our tragedies & the fire poppy inspiring us to grow from desolate conditions, we will continue to do so & use this time to create an even better boutique space for you to shop & visit in the future.

We started an inspiration board for our new shop & welcome you to take an exclusive sneak peek below.

Let us know what you think about the new aesthetic [How cute are those golden fixtures???? They are to die for!!!].

Keep Blooming,


Boutique Store Inspiration.jpg

P.S. In case you didn’t have time to read the entire post above, here’s the cliff notes:

  • On February 8, 2019, a store connected to our boutique in downtown Roswell, caught on fire. No one was injured & our building is still standing. It’s severely damaged by smoke.

  • Blooming Hites is still OPEN but our boutique is closed for renovations. Hopefully, we will reopen in April.

  • We thank the Roswell Fire Department, Roswell community & our entire Blooming HItes family for the support, uplifting & motivational messages we’ve received. Y’all are amazing!

  • The two coincidences of our favorite symbol the Phoenix [represent rebirth] & our logo inspired by the fire poppy [a flower that grows from places that have been burned] are keeping us on the bright sides of things - that means new shop, new style.

  • Join in on the shop’s new inspiration board by sharing your thoughts below in the comments & remember Blooming Hites keeps blooming because of YOU. Thank you!