3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Event Designer

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First things first, designers vs. planners.

For readers who don’t know this: Wedding planners/coordinators are different from wedding event designers.

Allow me to let that sink in one more time…

Wedding planners/coordinators are different from wedding event designers.

Again, if this is news to you, trussssst me, you’re not alone. It’s easy to mix up these roles because both roles deal with planning a wedding - but entirely in two different ways. Psst…If you already knew this, brownie points for you. 😃

Why are they separate?

Wedding event designers, like the Blooming Hites team, vary from wedding planners/coordinators in that we plan and manage ONLY design-related aspects for a wedding which can be squeezed into two compartments:

  1. Design aesthetics (creative cohesiveness, styling, strategy, theme creativity, etc…) and

  2. Design logistics (design rentals, design budget, design floor plans, etc…)

In a nutshell: We design, design, design. 😃 To everyone who prefers visuals, you can think of us as two opposite islands only connected by the same ocean current (aka your wedding).

And, to paint a clearer picture, I’ll lead you through our wedding event design packages to show you 3 reasons why you might need to hire a wedding event designer.

Reason #1: "Please, designers, take the wheel!"

Sure, you’re organized and love to plan but when you add in design elements...an overwhelming cloud settles in. Our VIP Head to Toe package packs all of the full-time design planning and managing in one punch for you. With a package like this, you can still fulfill your planning involvement but without sweat from gripping the wheel. If this is your reason, our team of designers manages your wedding event’s custom design elements (lighting, floor plans, linens, etc) & design budget between you and your ideal vendors from ideation to execution (day of design management). So, all you have to do is have fun and get married. An added bonus, you get rental discounts through our exclusive vendor contacts. Learn More...

Reason # 2: "So many details, help!”

Is it easier for you to visualize your wedding day design from a broad perspective rather than bite-size views? We know this is true for some, which is why our “All About the Details” package is designed to solve this very detail panic problem. With this package, we organize and manage the pretty little details such as your event’s custom tablescape, linens, vendor searches, vendor contract arrangements & any more detail needed. Learn More...

Reason #3: "I can do the design planning, I just need a little nudge in the right direction.”

If you’re a bride who has all the pieces, vendors and design elements put into place but can’t produce any energy to find a certain vendor like linens, our “Just a Little Help” package solves this problem. We’ll send you in the right direction by delivering you a VIP organized list of valuable and trusted vendor contacts. Learn More

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Event Designer VS Event Planner

Need a Visual?

Check out our comparison chart here.