Wedding Decor and Floral Trends for 2018-2019: Hanging Florals, Greenery, Geo Shapes & More!

Luckily, wedding decor and floral trends do not move as fast as my new puppy, Macallan, does when chasing and chewing through his toys. Let’s just say we’re frequent buyers at The Downtown Pooch in Roswell right now… 

Leaving the chasing and chewing for my puppy, I’m always so happy to talk wedding trends and how wedding couples choose certain wedding decor and floral trends to create customized details that fit their own love story. Right now, statement hanging installations and half-circle floor beauties are wow-ing everyone's hearts. You'll see why in  the photos below. 

All eyes on these gorgeous 2018-2019 wedding decor and floral trends:

Hanging Floral Installations

 Photo by  @kenziepackrall ; Instagram:  @bloominghites

Photo by @kenziepackrall; Instagram: @bloominghites

  1. Float On: One wedding trend you won’t be able to miss is hanging floral installations. Hanging is everything right now, and I don’t see it going away any time soon. The pretty installations come in variations like hanging, floating or propped bases.
  2. Realistic Expectations: I love hanging installations, but, with any trend, don’t let Pinterest set you up for high expectations. For instance, lately, there's been a growing request for gorgeous  floating greenery vines.
    • However, the reality of this gorgeous look is that the majority of wedding venues have painted walls and will not allow any adhesives or mechanics to invade their space (which is needed for this type of installation). Luckily, there are a few wedding venues, like the Historic DeKalb Courthouse, that have walls which can accommodate floating greenery installations. While planning to include these trends, wedding couples should be mindful about realistic expectations for this type of decor and that’s where I come in to help out. :)
  3. Logical Location: Just like with any decoration, you’ll need a logical place to fit it into your aesthetic. A few wedding venues that these installations look beautifully in and logically work are The Pavilion at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds - Lake OconeeSummerour Studio, and Stables at Foxhall Resort.
  4. Reasonably Priced: Hanging floral installations are not as much as you might think. One installation could be as low as $700.00. If your heart is set on one or two, you can position these as your big ticket items to spend on within your floral budget. 
  5. Versatile: You can do these statements pieces in just about anyway, color or style. 

Geo Shape Statements

 Photo by  @marcandanna  ; Instagram:  @bloominghites

Photo by @marcandanna ; Instagram: @bloominghites

  1. All the Angles: Geo shape decorations are all the rage right now. The crisp and chic aesthetic is favored for its high impact and less space it takes up on a table or hanging from an arch.
  2. Availability: Like any product in high demand, scarcity will happen. It’s like a treasure hunt trying to find geo shape decor in the wedding rental world. Luckily, Blooming Hites has the favored gold and copper geo shape decor in our rental warehouse so hunting for the right one isn’t too much of a chore here.  
  3. Logical Location: You can use these geo shapes as centerpieces at the reception or hanging from an arch both at either the ceremony or reception. 

Ceremony Floral/Greenery Half-Circle

  1. Ceremony Arch Alternative: This ceremony decor trend is magical, super creative and slowly catching on. If wedding couples don’t want an overpowering arch to obstruct beautiful scenery (like a mountain view, winery or lake), they can opt for a beautiful half-circle floral arrangement to subtly compliment the statement altar spot. For example, in the photo above, this wedding couple didn't want to block any of the natural light flowing in so they chose to compliment the space with a half-circle arrangement. I'm glad they did - How gorgeous! 

Staircase Floral Statements

  1. Staircase Backdrop: When staircase floral design is involved, there’s nothing short of greatness. Step away from ordinary Mr. & Mrs. photos and shoot for the stars with a decorated grand staircase. Every girl yearns for a photo opportunity in front of a “Gone With the Wind” staircase  -- throw in the love of her life and beautiful blooms and it’s magical. 

Clear Acrylic Decor

  1. Types: This clean and modern detailing pairs well on table signs and welcome signs. Wedding couples can accompany greenery or flowers to add depth. 
  2. Availability: Acrylic decorations are available in our rental warehouse and come in an array of items like table number signs, guestbook signs, card signs or cake signs.

Ceremony Bold Greenery

 Photo by  @oncelikeaspark  ; Instagram:  ;  Venue: The Piedmont Room &  The PiedmontGarden Tent

Photo by @oncelikeaspark ; Instagram: ; Venue: The Piedmont Room & The PiedmontGarden Tent

  1. Unification: Overflowing garland as a backdrop is growing in popularity. The singularity of greenery is effortlessly beautiful behind two people becoming one - quite symbolic if you ask me. ;) 

Orange Crush Blooms

 Photo by  @laurenbaileyphoto ; Instagram:  @bloominghites

Photo by @laurenbaileyphoto; Instagram: @bloominghites

  1. Orange Bundles: Shades of oranges in bloom arrangements are h-o-t right now. This year Pantone’s Color of the Year is Ultra Violet and next year we are foreseeing it will be within the orange hues. Orange you glad? 

Engaged couples looking to tie the knot in 2018-2019, my hope for you is that you’re able to mold any of these trends you fall in love with to uniquely express your own love story. 😃

I really love talking about these decor and floral trends so PLEASE, PLEASE comment below which ones you like. Do you like the hanging flowers? Ceremony half-circle? 

Keep blooming,

Jackie Hites