Types of Bouquets: Getting Personal With Top 3 Styles!

Which bouquet style will you accent your beautiful wedding gown with?

Prior to being engaged, you most likely never thought of this question before. But those who are engaged and riding the speeding train of wedding planning, this question is a big deal. Why?

Because... bouquets are intimate.

Bouquets express who you are. In a more straight forward way, it’s your wedding day statement sidekick (besides the beautiful wedding ring). ;)

These statement expressions can help a wedding couple pull together an ambiance they are trying to create for their Big Day. When hunting for bouquet styles, let it choose you and not the other way around. Remember the way Harry’s wand chose him in Harry Potter? It’s the magical beauty of bouquets (That, or I’m really nerdy).

Derived from my flower school days and modernized a bit, there are 10 common wedding bouquets: One-Sided, Biedermeier, Cascade, Compact or Round, Composite, Loose-Whimiscal, Contemporary, Single Stem, Pomander, and Presentation (full descriptions are here.)

Just naming them took a lot of space, so to save time, I’m only going to breakdown 3 of the favorites that I absolutely love (which happen to be the same my past brides favor too - love how that happens).

1. Compact/Round Bouquets

Compact/Round bouquets are THE bouquet style a majority of people can recall because it’s so common. The compact/round style evokes harmony and balance and is known to be designed with more blooms than greenery. These bouquets are perfect for luxury or chic styled weddings. Compact/round bouquets typically focus on one color or type of bloom.

For this type of bouquet, brides tend to favor: Hydrangeas, roses and peonies.


2. Loose-Whimsical Bouquets

This bouquet name is easy to remember because it’s exactly how it's pictured - loose and whimsical. The flowers in these type of bouquets are clustered together and hand-tied with a ribbon. This casual arrangement is known to accentuate loose stems and greenery. They are perfect for capturing a wildflower-just-out-of-the-woods look which is ideal for whimsical + boho chic outdoor weddings.  

For this type of bouquet, brides tend to favor: Ranunculous, thistle and really any bloom. 

3. One-Sided Bouquets

Aside from the common round bouquet styles, these are extremely popular and traditional. They are known for unique lengths where one side can be a little higher and the other side a little lower. The carefully crafted unbalance accents a color palette beautifully. One-sided bouquets are typically chosen for elegant or classic weddings and are also great for intimate indoor weddings.

For this type of bouquet, brides tend to favor: More linear and vocal flowers such as Delphiniums, snapdragons and proteas.

Do you have a favorite wedding bouquet style? Let's spread the flower power and let me know below! 

Keep blooming,