Where is my money going when I hire a wedding florist & budget for wedding flowers?

During the wedding planning frenzy and fun, wedding couples will ask themselves these two crucial questions: “Where is my wedding flower money going exactly?” and “Why is my wedding flower proposal this XYZ number?” This most likely happens right after receiving their flower proposal.

It is perfectly normal for couples to ask these questions. I mean they are the main characters of their own dream wedding. Right? So they are entitled to an understanding of the costs needed to construct it - especially when wedding blooms steal their hearts. Cue my blog post’s mission.

Today, in this blog, I’m wiping away any uncertainty you might have toward where the money goes when it's concerned with wedding flowers and working with a wedding florist in order to construct a wedding couple’s realistic dream wedding.

I’m walking Y'all (from bullet point to bullet point) through our production timeline in the hope that this sneak peek creates insight into the detailed legwork, dedication, passion and time we wholeheartedly bring to the table for each couple.

From initial contact with a potential wedding couple to delivering their special floral arrangements, you’ll find below a painted picture of the hard work that happens behind the scenes here to make sure wedding day florals exceed future married couples’ investment (time + money) and expectations. Enjoy!

Behind The Scenes of

Blooming Hites Wedding Floral Production Process:

Keep in mind, I’ve split up the timeline into 10 phases to help prevent brain overload. In reality, these phases can take anywhere from days, weeks to months. Typically, a usual floral wedding timeline is 6 months out from the wedding couple’s wedding date.

Phase 1:

Introduction + Questionnaire + Scheduling (Complimentary)

  • A potential wedding couple emails me.
  • I send back a questionnaire for them to fill out. They fill out as much as they can in the questionnaire and send back. Typically, the couples tend to attach a few inspiration photos as well.
  • I review the questionnaire and photos. Next, I’ll store the fresh information in a file specifically made for them. I’ll follow up with consultation meeting dates and times. After a few back and forth emails, an ideal meeting time is penciled in the books.

Phase 2:

Research + Flower Mood Boards (Complimentary)

  • First up, I create a specific Pinterest board for the potential couple. Many of the wedding love birds usually already have a board created, so they tend to share it with me. I’ll mix all of the inspiration together for the consultation presentation.
  • Next, I kick-start the research and begin sifting through lots of pretty ideas. A pinning madness takes over, my creative juices flow and a unique theme, fit just for the potential wedding couple, starts to form and shape. I’ll always remind my wedding couples that the more information I have from them (via questionnaire) before the consultation, the better I can complete the research and inspiration phase.
  • Finally, I’ll organize everything and prep for the wedding flower consultation.

Phase 3:

Consultation Meeting (Complimentary)

  • A wedding flower consultation typically runs about 1-2 hours and takes place at my studio boutique. I love gathering around my farm table to chat all things blooms with potential brides and/or grooms. It’s SO intimate and fun for me.
  • Here, I’ll present their Pinterest Wedding Mood Board and narrow down design + floral elements. Pin by Pin, their wedding shades, palettes, and blooms are chosen. Hooray!
  • After the meeting, I bring these floral ideas to the proposal draft.

Phase 4:

Proposal Time (Complimentary)

  • I typically block out around 2 hours in my schedule to create the first proposal draft for a potential client. Full concentration, a sleeping Maverick (my puppy) and a Spotify playlist are usually my best buds during this time.
  • I like to send the proposal ASAP so the wedding couple has time to review the quote and return any edits.
  • Up to this point, all of the time spent on a couple’s wedding is complimentary.

Phase 5 or 6:

Vendor Design Management  (For the wedding couples who choose my Event Design Packages)

  • During the middle part of this process, I am managing all things design with vendors (such as delivering quotes, availability, etc.) and exchanging design inspiration between vendors and wedding clients.

Phase 5 or 6:

I’m Officially Your Wedding Florist

  • Before deciding to book me, the potential wedding couple is allowed to apply 1 full edit to the first proposal draft.
  • In order to book, there’s a 20% deposit for securing the day. The final deposit is due 1 month before the wedding. The couple has 1 month before the wedding to change any floral or event decisions.
  • After the quote is accepted and contract signed, the potential wedding couple now becomes my “wedding couple.” I send them a welcome email and pencil in their wedding date into my calendar. YAY! And if I had all the confetti in the world, it would be spraying all around my studio. :)
  • Next, I’ll start organizing and customizing their floral/design timeline and production process for “I Do” Day.

Phase 7:

Flower Power & Organization

  • This phase is where flower power is channeled.
  • I’ll start off by organizing the couple’s flower choices and strategize flower quantity and shipping so that it’s all sorted out for their wedding day. For example, rose orders come in packs of 25, so If I need 400 roses, then I’ll need to order 7 packs.

Insider Tip: The more the better is our rule of thumb when ordering flowers. We order more flowers than needed on an order because of the many perishables we work with during process day. Not every bloom comes out perfect - some stems break or petals wilt. So over ordering more blooms than needed becomes our saving grace. 

  • After much research and flower magic, the couple’s special flower order is composed and sent into the wholesaler.
  • I call 1 month to two weeks ahead of the wedding date to make sure the flowers are still available. Unfortunately, we are not in charge of mother nature in some regions where specific flowers are grown, so if certain flowers are unavailable due to weather or other circumstances, I have to be quick on my feet and research alternatives. I make sure I can substitute the style and price.

Phase 8:

Processing and Designing Day

  • Two days before the wedding, I pick-up the wedding couple’s flower order from the flower market or receive them by mail.
  • After I receive the beautiful blooms, processing day takes place. During this time, we hydrate and process the flowers. My team and I discard unnecessary greenery from the blooms and make sure all of the petals are hydrated properly. This process typically consumes an entire day.
  • The day before the wedding is design day (YAY!). We start early in the AM and from head to toe start designing arrangements, bouquets and more into the night.  On occasion, there’s an overflow of bloom work into the next morning.

Phase 9:

Wedding Day

  • We load up the car about 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the wedding couple’s wedding.
  • My team and I drive to the venue.
  • We arrive, and it’s game time. Load-in and set-up typically range around 2 hours.
  • If there is a room flip during the wedding, we will stay to flip the rooms. For example, if the ceremony takes place at the same location as the reception.
  • After the room is flipped, we drive back to our studio for a quick break to enjoy dinner and unload any items we can.
  • If returning to the venue is arranged before the wedding to break down, we drive back after the wedding is over. The break down usually happens anywhere between 10 PM and midnight. After this, we return to the studio and unload. That’s a wrap for the day ( but we’re not done just yet ;)).


Phase 10:

Floral Wrap-up

  • The newlyweds are officially married and jetting off to their honeymoon. YAYYY!
  • We schedule clean-up day at the studio after the wedding couple’s wedding day.
  • We get rid of any water and extra greenery, sweep up, clean out leftover wax in candles, return rentals and more.

9 out of 10: Petals and stems are everywhere in my car, so I usually take my car to a nearby car wash afterward.

  • After clean up day, then that’s a complete wrap on the wedding couple’s wedding… And, of course, I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for their beautiful wedding photos to surface. :)


BloomingHites-shelbyrae photo-flower boutique atlanta.jpg

Whew - those 10 beautiful phases are the fruit of my labor! Although that was a quick (yet detailed) summary, I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek behind scenes of our wedding flower production journey with me. 

I would love to hear from you with any questions or thoughts that bloomed from above, so feel free to comment below, send me an email or message via Instagram.

Keep blooming,

Jackie Hites