A Dreamy Scotland Elopement: 3 Things I Learned While Designing an Elopement in Scotland

Wedding Photography:  Till Britze Photography

Wedding Photography: Till Britze Photography

I have a question for you: “What big moments changed your life in 2018?”

In March 2018, my big moment was stepping onto Scotland soil.

My life will never be the same, & I’m happy for it. Cue the bagpipes. It wasn’t just traveling & experiencing a new culture that changed my life forever…no…it was something much more.

And, here’s how it unraveled:

Once in Scotland, I spent the first few days sightseeing my favorite fangirl spots (Harry Potter, Outlander & Game of Thrones MUST-SEES) & ended the last days in dreamy Edinburgh. Y’all, Edinburgh seriously feels like you’re living in Harry Potter world. It’s magical.

Instantly, I fell in love with Scotland’s hospitality, people (super nice is a lifestyle there), community, food, atheistic, landscape & wardrobe (because every day I had the chance to wear my favorite rain boots). The saying there is “You never leave your house without your raincoat.” ;)

BUT, the lessons that I’ll cherish forever were just beginning.

During the last hours of our stay in Edinburgh (Literally, we were set to board our plane in eight hours), a lovey dovey couple started chatting with us over tea & breakfast in the most fairytale-esque cafe.

The conversation moved from basic chit chat to the couple agreeing that they wanted to elope…that day! Yes, y’all… THAT DAY! And, next thing I know the sweet lady was leaning into me wholeheartedly asking, “Will you design my wedding flowers?”

“YES,” jumped out of my mouth! My heart was screaming, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…When in Scotland, right?” My heart led the way out of that cafe & my logic was just going to have to catch up.

I channeled my inner Harry Potter, Khaleesi and Claire Fraser & set off on a chaotic, fun flower designing adventure that led me through many local flower shops, boutiques & into a friendly cafe that served as my remote designing space. This adventure gave me the opportunity to learn & celebrate staying in the present, trusting in the unexpected & celebrating being different which I hope will inspire and encourage brides & creatives worldwide to do so as well.

Grab a cup of coffee & travel to Scotland with me for a few minutes as I share three lessons that changed my life both personally and professionally.

Make Magic With What You Have

After I shouted my “YES!", the clock was ticking. I only had a few hours to make a bridal bouquet, floral crown & a boutonnière in an unfamiliar, foreign town, without my regular floral warehouse contacts & comfy design boutique. Let me tell you about ALL the panic, fear & doubt that rushed through me the moment I stepped out of the cafe. It was a REAL rush of uncomfortable feelings.

After I inhaled & exhaled the magic of Scotland’s landscape, I realized my answer was right in front of me. I would use my surroundings to make magic happen. Logic finally caught up and energized me. It was go time. First, I remembered Thistle was Scotland’s national emblem. It grew EVERYWHERE on the side of the streets. Thistle ignited my inspiration & served as my anchor flower. Next, I hunted to find it’s companions. I weaved in & out of beautiful local flower & boutique shops collecting eucalyptus, white roses, purple & white lisianthus and ribbon.

Once I learned to stay present & aware of my surroundings, it was easy to make magic happen. Now, whenever I feel like I’m restrained with either a budget or creative freedom, I just have to step back & look what I have around me. There’s ALWAYS magic right in front of us. We just need to be open in seeing it. Re-watching Harry Potter helps too. ;)

Celebrate Different

Nothing about this impromptu elopement was typical, planned or at all traditional which is why the experience was thrilling & a breath of fresh air. If I was to create flower magic on time, I had to say goodbye to “ordinary” & hello to “different.” Then, embracing different looked like asking a local cafe for space to design a bridal bouquet, boutonnière & flower crown - I went with it. You rarely see that happen over here in your local Starbucks.

I could have easily allowed the stress of designing in an unknown, public place overwhelm me but there wasn’t any room for that once the blooms came alive in my hands with the warmth of laughter & community surrounding me in the cafe. A different space to design my flowers gave me the gift of re-energized inspiration & creativity. Now, I make sure to celebrate “different” in a new way each time I create flower designs. Life’s too short not to.

Trust the Unexpected

A spontaneous elopement has definitely got to be a primary example of the term “unexpected.” When I accepted the “unexpected” in Scotland, it was thrilling, exhausting & unorganized bouncing between shop to shop. But, after I presented the wedding blooms to the bride-to-be & her smile grew a mile wide, the journey was ABSOLUTELY worth it. A new concept of joy & gratitude captured my heart only two hours before I headed home to the USA, & I couldn’t have pictured a better way to wrap up a destination trip.


I’m so thankful that in 2018, I said “YES” to designing florals for an impromptu elopement in Scotland. The spontaneous adventure not only changed my life for the better, but also I’m able to share with brides & creatives that by accepting that magic can happen right where you are, celebrating the unordinary & trusting in the unexpected can change you in so many positive ways forever. More importantly, it’s opened up the opportunity for us to dive into international/destination weddings to celebrate brides + grooms worldwide.

My Scotland bloom design adventure in photos:


P.S. You can thank Scotland as the reason why Blooming Hites is NOW available for travel.

P.P.S I want to give a WARM & LOUD shout-out to the amazing photographer Till Britze Photography for capturing the dreaminess of this Scotland elopement.

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In case you don’t have time to re-watch Harry Potter, Outlander or Game of Thrones today, here are some fun photos of me & my travel pals during our Scotland adventures.