Bride PSA: Now Booking for 2018 Weddings!

Whether you're engaged or have a bestie/co-worker whose settling in on a 2018 "I Do" date, spread the love! We're booking for 2018 weddings and on. 

wedding advice for 2018 weddings

Our sweet reminder to you: We're only a few months out from the New Year (I know...crazy, right?), so NOW is the ideal time (typically 4-6 month range) to begin reaching out and meeting with wedding florists for your 2018 wedding. 

I know. I know, your h-u-g-e list of wedding day to-do's, ceremony/reception venue hunting and wedding planning meetings are all a bit overwhelming right now. However, flower and decor planning is FUN (I'm a little biased) and a breath of fresh air from all the rush, rush. If you haven't already, go ahead and pencil in this much needed creative breather. 

In case you need a little ounce of motivation during the thickness of your wedding planning, follow below for a 1, 2, 3 boost!

Here's how easy it is to chime in, chat with us & learn what we've been up to: 


1. Get your calendar ready.

Our In-Studio Consultation Dates: 

Mondays & Wednesdays | 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

We'll gather around this gorgeous table below and cozy up to all things wedding flowers and decor. 


wedding farm tables


2. Just copy + paste > hit send

If interested, here's a quick pre-written email message for you to get started with:

Hi Jackie -
I'd love to find out more about what Blooming Hites can do for our wedding. I'm interested in setting up a consultation date to meet and chat.  
Thank you!

Be one step ahead: Download our Wedding Questionnaire here and attach with the email. The more we know ahead of time the better. :)

P.S. We don't expect you to fill out all the blanks on this sheet prior to emailing and meeting us.

The info you have already, during whichever phase of planing you are in, will be enough.



3. Follow along 

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We absolutely understand you have burning questions like:

How much do wedding flowers really cost?; 

What should I tackle first on my wedding flower checklist?; 

Which flowers are in season?

And, we can't wait to answer them all and further our relationship with your happily ever after. We welcome you with open arms and lots, LOTS, of flower power!

Keep blooming,

Jackie Hites