A Custom Wedding Invitation Experience: Q&A with Stephanie Brown

Oh the pains and gains of wedding DIY-ing. My advice: Choose your DIY battles carefully. :) Aside from hiring a floral designer, I believe that choosing custom wedding invitations can be a life saver for brides. A huge influencer in this belief is owed to Stephanie Brown, Designer, Creator, & Slayer of Evites, from oh my! designs by Steph.

It never surprises me when the expression "OH MY gosh" naturally escapes from bride's mouths [and mine] when their eyes grace upon a custom invitation designed by Steph.

What's also not a surprise is how much time and stress brides save during their wedding planning by hiring Steph. She's seriously talented and a master at efficiency [proof below]... which is why I'm beyond excited to introduce and share with y'all Steph's Q&A. Below, she dives into what it's really like working with a designer for your wedding invitations and how DIY invite nightmares are completely absent during this type of personalized process. 

2018 brides, this post is especially for you! Enjoy. :)

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How long have you been designing?

Stephanie Brown: The very first designs hit my Etsy shop over four years ago. However, my love of creating things is life long!

Why paper products?

SB: I purchased a digital file on Etsy for a friend’s baby shower. The result of printing on my own was pretty horrible. The invitation is truly the first impression of an event and presenting guests with something unappealing wasn’t acceptable for my standards! I realized there was a need in the market for pretty paper that came as a printed product for people who weren’t comfortable DIY-ing.

What's the meaning behind your signature "Oh My!"?

SB: Picking a business name wasn’t easy, but I wanted it to be something that really represented me. One of my favorite responses is “ohmygoshthatssocute” – typically all one word! When “oh my designs” came to mind, I knew it was the perfect name! I always smile when my clients respond to their orders with “OH MY gosh, we love it!”

Within the printing and design process, what type of skills have you learned over the years that you feel are most valuable to your clients?

SB: I’m able to offer my clients a professional experience combining both the design and printing. I have created a process in order to pull the right elements to create a custom design and truly represent their visions. I handle the printing and any headaches that can occur with color matching or file specs so that they never have to even think about this part of the process!

One way brides are less stressed when working with a stationery designer: 

SB: Busy brides comment how easy and enjoyable the process is to work with a designer, because I can advise them on etiquette, make suggestions on design, and handle all assembly. My full service package (the stress less suite!) comes with invitations fully put together and ready to mail so that they can focus their time elsewhere. Wedding planning is time consuming and I aim to make it a little easier!

Fill us in on the top perks to hiring a designer versus clicking over to a DIY wedding invitation website?

SB: Working with a designer allows you a truly custom experience. A designer can offer their expertise as well as answer any questions you might have about etiquette. Although the quality on some of the larger wedding invitation websites is great, many are not. I’ve heard some horror stories and have worked with couples who originally wanted to save money, but were so unhappy with the product that they ditched it last minute! I really work with each couple closely to ensure they receive nothing less than perfection!

Photo Credit: Ann Ferguson Photography

Photo Credit: Ann Ferguson Photography

Photo Credit: Ann Ferguson Photography

Photo Credit: Ann Ferguson Photography

What does a typical design meeting between you and a potential bride and groom look like? 

SB: Most of the couples I work with I never get to meet in person. I conduct most business totally online and ship orders all over the US. However, I do occasionally have the opportunity to meet with the bride and groom in person. Before a meeting, we discuss their wedding theme, color palette, and vision for invitations. I bring samples so that they can see and feel options in person before making a decision!

If engaged couples decide to go the custom wedding invitation route, when should they expect to start the design & ordering process?

SB: With custom invitations, I recommend starting the process about four months before the big day (sooner if you’re ready!). Since invitations are mailed 6-8 weeks before the wedding, this will allow time for design, printing, assembly, and shipment. I do offer semi-custom suites, which typically shortens the design time. 


One design advice you give to your wedding clients:

SB: Think of your wedding invitation as more than “just a piece of paper." It's one of the only things you get to actually keep from your special day and the first impression your guests receive – make it count!

                             Photo Credit: Shauna Veasey

                             Photo Credit: Shauna Veasey

Connect with Steph over on her swoon worthy Instagram!


Keep Blooming,

Jackie Hites

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