Hello, flower lovers!

I’m Jacqueline Hites - you can call me Jackie.

I’m obsessed with stunning flowers, design + traveling & it’s a combo I’m thrilled to call my fruit of labor.

I love putting wedding couple’s & business professional’s minds at ease by blooming their event visions into real life experiences.

With that, comes my immense love for details, creativity & personalizing each event – along with my awesome design team & Australian shepherd Macallan (AKA my doggie design assistant).

Two things people might not know about me:

  1. Traveling is my love language

  2. & I’m actually not born + raised in Georgia. 

This Cali girl was born in Sonoma, CA (a.k.a wine country) & raised in San Diego.

And, little me began designing bouquets at an early age while playing in backyards, taking walks, or at my playground dates. 

It was love at first bloom & a relationship I would never kick. 

This bloom affair followed me all the way to high school where I landed my first job at a local flower shop (A big promotion from designing bouquets for barbie & ken in my backyard).

From there, college transformed my passion into a reality where I majored in Horticulture: Floral Design.

A Horticulture education grew roots in my heart & formed my first entrepreneurial business: Blooming Hites.

Blooming Hites was only a few years old when I decided to spread our wings, fly to Georgia & call “Hot Atlanta” our new home. 

Although California will always have my heart, I’m now a well-adjusted Atlantan. I say y’all & don’t completely freak out when I see all those huge bugs roaming around.

We set roots here in Atlanta, but our design team has been able to take floral & design adventures all over the world.

We can’t wait to see how many places our client’s events will lead us to.

If there was one place that matched my soul, it would hands down be Scotland (check out this gorgeous elopement I was lucky to be apart of here). 

It’s been a wonderful 9 years & counting working with bloom & decor designs. 

My experience with this beautiful duo teaches me two is always better than one. Flowers create the mood, but you have to make sure they mirror the design.

In case you want some extra, extra:

*Why flowers? They evoke & heighten every sense. The colors, movements, shapes, textures & smells. 

*I’m a visual fanatic: Visuals all day every day. It’s THE medium where I pull all my inspiration from. I’m not sure how visual boards ever survived before Pinterest, but I’m glad they don’t have to suffer anymore.

From Pinterest boards, magazines & other industry mentors, I’m constantly indulging in any visuals I can get my eyes and hands on.

*I worked as a wedding planner before being a designer. My wedding planning experience has aided me in understanding the journey of wedding planning, its environment & how to effectively communicate with wedding planners near & far. 

*But, first coffee! Before I let the day brew away with blooms & décor details, I start almost every morning with a cup of steaming hot coffee. In the words of Lorelai Gilmore, “Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.”

*A California poppy is our signature flower in the BH brand. I grew up with gorgeous California poppy blooms surrounding me & whispering to my heart.

It wasn’t until after our studio fire mishap (more here) & all of the community support we received from our BH family, Roswell community, family & friends, did I really realize our signature California poppy was destiny.

It turns out that this specific flower rises above the ashes & blooms after forest fires. They literally sprout from ashes -How cool is that? 

They know how to keep blooming no matter what season of life they are in, & I hold that deeply close to my heart as inspiration & a pretty reminder to persevere every day. 

Keep Blooming.